Tree ays ago, we went visited Fraser Island during a cruise on a boat. The captain tell his history. He say that according to a legend the first name to île was '' K'agri '' which means ''Paradise'' in the aboriginal language. And that in 1836, a boath wrecked on this island, the captain Fraser and his wife had to live on this island, were some time later they died. The suffering felt by the couple was legendary, and their name was given to the island.

      A moniter, we explain that this Ile is an accumulation of saind since 750 000 years. There are 230 spaces birds and 25 spaces mammifers, and it is 1 630 km² big.

      This island is located in the east of australia in Queensland.

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      Fraser Island, is the most beautiful place, we have seen. We have seen a tropical forest on the said.It is a, Island of saind. Fraser is the biggest Island of saind in the world. This island was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992.


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