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      The dingo, is a domesticated dog in the wild originating in Southeast Asia. But it is also present in Australia.
It's besides there that we have seen, in the north of Australia, walking with a guide in the forest, we met dingoes.

      The guide then explains that the dingo looks like a wolf, it probably descends from the gray wolves to domesticate by the man then returned to the wild. The dingos are between 47 and 67 cm high, and from 0.80 m to 1.20 m long, for a weight of 10 to 20 kg. They are usually red, but sometimes black with white and reddish spots or even totally white. They feed on varied prey (mammals, birds, reptiles insects, fruits) by hunting alone or in packs.



     The guide tells us that these wild dogs do not bark but sneeze noisily when they feel threatened. They sometimes live in family bands of 3 to 12 individuals but are often alone. During the breeding season, the dingoes gather once a year to mate and raise the young. Females place up to eight young in secluded places. They are then breastfed for two months and stay with their parents for a very long time.

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      At one point, a dingoes starts running. The guide shows us that a snake was beginning to attack the animal. He says that only the weakest of the dingoes are prey to snakes or eagles, and that this wild dogs have no other natural enemy. He also tells us that the dingoes are very fast, as they run up to 65 km / h over very long distances.

      After seeing the dingoes, we decide to go back to the hotel in Cairins.

Map of australia with red underlined Crains (hotel where we sleep) and with places where dingoes live.


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