Yesterday, there was an interview on a TV set. We go there, and have seen a live interview with a cyclist. It is also in the newspaper.

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Journalist : Hello, I'm Journalist, to day, I doing an interview with a person. We want to discover who you are. I'm Caroline. We are in Syndney in direct for an Interview.
Hello, I'm happy to see you. What is your name? Who are you?

Sam : Hello I'm so happy to be here. Thank you for inviting me to your TV set. My name is Sam Willoughby. I'm cycling.

Journalist : You're welcome. How old aure you Sam ? When are you born ?

Sam : I was born 15 august 1991. I'm 24 years old.

Journalist : Oh ! You are an young cycling.

Sam : Yes, but my career ends when I'm about 37 years old, it's in 12 years. Years pass quickly.

Journalist : Oh ! Yes ... So at the time of your retirement you will continue the bike? What are you going ?

Sam : Yes, it's sure that I was still cycling, maybe I would go around the world, I do not know too much yet ... I'm 12 years old to think about it ahahaha.

Journalist : OK. Are you rather all-terrain vehicle, racing bike or other?

Sam : I do a bit of everything, but especially the BMX, I love it!

Journalist : Have you ever participated in any competition ?

Sam : Yes, I have already participated in competitions. I participated in '' World Championship '' in 2012, I finished first.

Journalist : You finished first?

Sam : Yes !!! My family and friends were very proud of me.

Journalist : That does not surprise me.

Sam : I also participated in '' London Olympics '' in 2012. I represent Australia, my native, and I finished second. It's true that this day I was very satisfied of me. And many others. Already younger, I participated in championships

Journalist : You can be proud of yourself, you have represented our country and you have finished second. Congratulations.

Sam : thank you.

Journalist : You're welcome. I congratulate you on all your career, and wish you good luck for the rest of your career. Thank you for accepting our invitation on TV. Good continuation and you will soon.

Sam : Thanks you, and see you soon.


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