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     During a ride at the edge of the sea beside our hotel, we saw a lot of sign on the coral reef in danger

     We are then going to see a tourist agency.

We : Hello, we have just returned from the beach and saw a lot of sign on '' The great barrier reef in danger '' why?

Agency : Hello, you do not know? Look at how was the great barrier reef in 1980, look in 2015 and it will be in 2050. A drama occurs far from the eye under the ocean off Australia's Great Barrier Reef whitening evermore. Some marine ecosystem scientists and activists have traveled from Australia to Paris to ask Unesco, the UN's cultural body, to take action to save the site. That is very alarming.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "great barrier reef in danger"

We : Why the great barrier reef is in danger? Because of what ?

Agency : Due to global warming, in 2016 67% of corals on bleached and 22% died. It is enormous.

We : How can we save her?

Agency : To save the great barrier reef, water would have to cooled for the reefs to recover. This is already since the end of the 20th century that the great barrier reef bleached.

We : Is there a threat to Australian tourism?

Agency : Of course, almost 800 million euros lost the tourism revenue of the country related to the degradation of coral reefs.

We : Thanks for the information and goodbye.

Agency : Goodbye


Average loss of corals on the Great Barrier Reef of 2,300 km. The north, until then preserved, is the area that has suffered the most



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